Hernia Repair Surgery

Wearing a truss or binder may temporarily alleviate symptoms but will not cure the hernia. Only surgery corrects the defect in the belly wall.

Once a hernia has developed it will tend to enlarge and cause discomfort. If a loop of bowel gets caught in the hernia it may become obstructed or its blood supply may be cut off. This could then become a life-threatening situation. Since hernias can be repaired effectively and with minimal risk most surgeons therefore recommend that hernias be repaired when diagnosed unless there are other serious medical problems.


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Some hernias you can live with and they need to be monitored. However, it is crucial that a specialist, like the doctors at New York Bariatrics and Laparoscopy, examine the hernia to determine what is the best treatment.

The dangerous of hernias are that the protruding organ may become unable to be pushed back and it can become strangulated (where the blood supply is cutoff). Strangulation of the hernia, if severe enough, can lead to tissue death and infection.

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